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The Training Ventures' flexible approach takes advantage of NAUI's academic freedom values. Teaching you to be a competent diver is all that we do. Your scuba training is guided to meet your needs.
This is not a quickie course which turns out clumsy marginal divers. When you get your NAUI certification from Training Ventures you will look and feel like a real diver.
At the heart of the flexible approach is the conviction that STUDENT centered learning is the most effective method. Because the learning is centered on your own unique needs, it is both enjoyable and efficient. Your progress sets the pace. Your interest guides the curriculum. Each program is customized for you and your schedule. Your investment is personalized to help you enter the excitement, camaraderie and adventure of scuba diving.

The Training Ventures staff is highly qualified and personable. Bob is a retired anesthesiologist. He has extension knowledge of diving medicine and physiology which he can convey in understandable terms and concepts. As a NAUI Course Director, he helped to train and qualify many fellow NAUI Instructors and has been active in creating training materials. Valerie, who assists as needed, is a registered pediatric nurse with extensive diving experience and particularly enjoys working with children.


In 1985, the Rutledges, founded Training Ventures and began offering NAUI certifications. NAUI's motto "Safety through education" is an ideal match for Training Ventures' goal; personalized quality education.

NAUI programs fill the spectrum from Scuba Diver to Instructor level and the Training Ventures' staff can help with them all.



NAUI Course Progression

In NAUI "Scuba" Diver and Advanced Scuba Diver you acquire the entry level skills and knowledge needed for "certification" and then apply those skills in a variety of diving environments.

    (Junior certification is awarded divers aged 12, 13, and 14 years.)

    The Scuba Diver Referral program allows participants who have completed their academic and confine water training with a "referring" instructor to complete the open water diving portion of the course with an "accepting" instructor who then certifies the diver. (This is great for folks who would rather do their open water work in warmer Caribbean waters.)

NAUI Specialty programs (which are introduced in Advanced Scuba Diver) provide an opportunity for continued training and experience in areas that intrigue you. Among the specialties are: Night Diving, Navigation, U/W Photography, Deep Diving and Wreck Diving.

Although rescue training is a part of every NAUI program, a special course in Scuba Rescue Diver is an excellent way to hone your skills and heighten awareness of risk management. This course is suited for individuals who are very comfortable with their entry level skills. NAUI's Advanced Scuba Rescue Diver is the preferred gateway to Leadership level programs.

The NAUI Master Diver program is an extension of knowledge and advanced level skills. The Master Diver program is a stepping stone to the Leadership level programs.

The NAUI Leadership Level Courses are comprised of: Skin Diving Instructor, Assistant Instructor, and Divemaster. Each of these programs address specific roles and needs. Certification at the leadership level carries the privilege of NAUI membership.

The NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC) is an intense 90+ hour program which prepares one to become a voting member of NAUI and offer NAUI certifications. The ITC is the foundation of NAUI and your gateway to excellence as a professional instructor.

Sample Scuba Diver program Schedule

Current Scuba Programs Investments

Bob will be happy to discuss your learning options through NAUI.

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